​The project team

The project team consists of five schools from Bulgaria, Romania, Turkey, Slovakia and Portugal. Each of the schools is represented by a school coordinator. You can meet all of these brave and adventurous teachers right here!

Ângela Maria Martinho Filipe Mendes Coelho

The key contact person is a secondary English Teacher at Agrupamento de Escolas Coimbra Centro ( Escola Secundária Jaime Cortesão).She has participated in severalEU projects throught her 30 years teaching experience : Comenius, Grundtvig , Erasmus (KA2).She was many times partner organisation coordinator and contact person.In 2017/18 she was involved in 3 more other future KA2purposes. At the moment she is also coordinator of another Erasmus project : “INNOVATIVE TECHNOLOGICAL  TOOLS” Reference No- 2018-1-RO01-KA229-049123-5. Coordinating teacher alsoin national projects : Plano Nacional de Cinema ( National Cinema Project for Schools);
Member of a National Team concerning a project of-Units of Support of High Performance in School (UAARE) for student-athletes – developing  digital educational resources, shared with other schools in the national network. 

Sin Carmen

Efl teacher teacher of english as a foreign languages in theoretical highschool – „alexandru marghiloman” – buzau, romania Coordinating teacher in many local, national and international projects: erasmus coordinator, 5 projects, 2017-2019,2018-2020,2019-2021„all for us!”
-scientix ambassador since march 2017, project manager in „edu care” – non profit organization
Asociatia pentru educație și atitudine sociala – wordpress.Com – project coordinator for  edu care,  ngo in buzau, romania; wecare82.Wordpress.Com
I have been in charge with foreign languages department in my school since 2011, with educational projects, too.
County school inspectorate – methodist teacher since 2011
Member in the  national working group of the the ministry of education in 2016.
Member in the  police academy working group for the 2014, 2015 admission  to the Police academy.

Maria Gercheva

I’m Maria Gercheva from Bulgaria. I’m a principal of Vocational High School for Fashionand Tourism „St. Ivan Rilski” andresponsible person for Erasmus+ projects at school. I’m a teacher of Economics, as well. Wehave implemented five projectsunder the Erazmus+ program up to now.we are involved as a partner in Game literacy and learning project.
I would like to give you short visit card for my school. Our school is located 20 km from the capital of Bulgaria, in the town of Pernik. In the present 2019/2020 school year there are 236 students at full and individual form of education at PGOT„St Ivan Rilski”. There are 15-18 ages. The professional education is in two directions: tourism and fashion. The students obtain diploma for secondary education and certificate for professional qualification.
In Vocational High School of Fashion and Tourism “St. Ivan Rilski ” train 20 students with special educational needs. In school has created conditions for integration of these students and taken to their socialization. All students have the opportunity to participate in clubs like out of class activities.
Main priority for us is increasing the motivation and the results of the students and we plan to develop new school practices for tolerance, learning skills in foreign language communication, development of students’ creative potential.

Agáta Danielovičová

Agáta Danielovičová is teaching economics and  is also accountant of the school in the Department of Finance. She was coordinator of 5 international Comenius projects / Energy and Society, Environment and RES, Healthy learning, healthy future , Comenius IPM host school and the Comenius IPM sending school /
The projects Environment and RES and Healthy learning, healthy future were rated very positively in the competition European Charlemagne Youth Prize.
Agáta has experiences with management of Erasmus + project as well. In years 2014-2016 Spojená škola was involved in Erasmus + project Career planning for teenagers, in years 2016-2018 in Erasmus + project Healthy minds for happy lives, in years 2019-2021 in Erasmus + project KA2 Needed skills for the job market and Erasmus+ project KA1 Fashion, marketing and Flamenco dress. 
In her activities connected with projects she has cooperated with many non-profit organizations and companies (such as Junior Achievement Slovakia, IBM Slovakia, Eures etc.) not only in international projects, but also in national projects. 
She has two daughters, Silvia and Lenka.. Agáta likes travelling and walking with her dog.


I am an Englih teacher at Nihal AKÇURA Mesleki ve Teknik Anadolu Lisesi. I also teach Vocational English at school. I am in charge of all Erasmus+ Projects at school. I have been working as a teacher for 22 years. I have been participating on Erasmus+ Projects (Grundtvig, Erasmus KA2,KA102, Etwinning) as a coordinator or contact person since 2013. I am also a member and responsible as a contact person of Magnesia Educational and Cultural Association which is very active in Erasmus+ Projects.

  1. Here is my Erasmus+ story.
  2. Project Title:  “Creating  Captivating Teaching Strageies for Vulnerable Learners”.
  3. Project Number: 2013-1-LU1-GRU06-01195 1      (2013-2015)
  4. Project Title:  “Innovative Techniques in Food and Beverage Implementations”. Project Number: 2016-1-TR01-KA202-034024       (2016-2018)
  5. Project Title:  “We Play- We Learn- We Teach”. Project Number: 2016-1-RO01-KA201-024405(2016-2018)
  6. Project Title:  “Identities Much More Than Cards”. Project Number: 2016-1-LV01-KA204-022701-P1 (2016-2018)