Project Activities

​List of project activities and supporting country.

​A1 Introducing the project at partner school

Introducing the project at partner school
September – November 2020

​All five schools greeted the new school year with energy and enthusiasm. The school coordinators introduced the winning project to their students, other teachers, parents and in the local areas. We made presentations, wrote articles, informed the school communities on FB, put appropriate information on school notice boards and websites. We invited and encouraged the students & teachers to take part in the project as well. Nobody will regret for sure!

​A2 Erasmus+ corner

​Erasmus + project is an important part of our school life. It is also visible there. Erasmus + corners are waking up to life… They will be richer and richer every day!

​A3 Logo competition

Logo winner created by Turkish school.

A5 Presentations about schools

​A7 Presentations about countries

A8 Initial questionary

A9 Facebook group

A10 Teachers training

​A11 Learning by using games

A12 Erasmus days

A13 European day
of languages